Tokenomia is a premium tokenizing advisory firm
founded by Chain Partners,
the First blockchain company builder in Korea.


We participate in only healthy token development projects

Currently, TGE (ICO) has a tendency to become a popularity vote rather than an investment. Many projects that do not have minimum viable products and are far from sales are raising tens of millions dollars with only a whitepaper. This doesn’t deserve to be called a regular business plan.

Nowadays, companies facing financial difficulties are choosing to conduct ICOs as a means to solely raise funds, leading the acceleration of failed projects in the cryptocurrency market.

Therefore, we concluded that it is our mission as a blockchain company builder that we should develop better tokens and distribute them into the blockchain ecosystem. We are willing to support the growth of a healthy token economy by developing tokens that can be exchanged for products and services. We will achieve this by collaborating with companies that have robust underlying assets and proven models of business.

Tokenomia provides following services for the blockchain projects.

Tokenomia provides following services in order to cover a broad set of considerations
that you will need to address during the process of TGE.

Token Structuring

As a strategic consulting firm, Tokenomia helps clients design token economics containing core values from which they can increase investment attractiveness and construct sustainable token economy model.

TGE Project Managing

Based on prior experiences with token generation events, Tokenomia has mastered all necessary procedures related to a successful token launch. This includes incorporation, jurisdictional consultation, legal advice and financial investments. All aforementioned processes are executed at the appropriate time in the launch process.

Marketing and PR Advisory

Tokenomia offers TGE marketing and PR strategy in order to fully convey company values toward investors. Also, we support effective marketing activities using our media platform and influencer networks.

Technical Advisory/Service

In addition to business consultations, we provide technical advisory in conjunction with professional blockchain developers. We help improve technical infrastructure by reviewing code repositories (Github), smart contract language, and providing continuous technical guides.

Tokenomia is working with carefully selected projects

We have partnered with established teams that are improving their relevant industries through token economics.


Insureum has partnered with insurance companies and financial institutions and is developing a protocol that will potentially reform insurance industry. Insureum protocol establishes a decentralized ecosystem where insurance companies, insurance policyholders, and 3rd parties (market players) are connected through a blockchain.



LITER is building a review ecosystem to better authenticate and disseminate honest and constructive reviews of new products and services so that truthful information about the best products and services can be promoted. In the LITER ecosystem, contributors will be rewarded fairly and proportionately to the level of their contributions and also have a fun experience.



AMO is a blockchain infrastructure for the efficient exchange and sharing of all automotive data powering the next generation of automobiles. For car users, manufacturers, and relevant service providers, this means that data will no longer be under the centralized control of specific companies, but rather become public assets that allow for valuable services to be made available.



Cloudbric is a decentralized universal security platform where users are offered a variety of security services for information protection. We distribute threatful information data produced by users through blockchain and enable people to make use of this threatful information data. Cyber security expertise that we have established through more than 20 years of experience will open up new era of blockchain security.



ZPER is a decentralized P2P (peer-to-peer) financial ecosystem using smart contract technology. Top P2P lending companies and robo-advisors have coalesced to provide a revolutionary method of fund transactions between borrowers and lenders worldwide.



HARA is global & transparent blockchain-based data exchange. Developed by the largest big data analytics company in Indonesia, HARA data exchange makes it possible not to lose any more valuable data and players of all sizes will have access to the data we generate collectively every day. Starting with agriculture and food sector, HARA is an end-to-end solution for all stakeholders in the data exchange market for the world’s most socially impactful sectors.



Steemhunt is a Steem blockchain-powered community platform for geeks, alpha nerds, and product enthusiasts who love to dig out new products and talk about them with others. Steemhunt is also a bridging platform for makers to reach out to early adopters for the successful launch of their product via Reviewhunt for bounty missions, and Ideahunt that enables crowdfunding marketplace.



MovieBloc is a blockchain based service that decentralizes movie distribution. MovieBloc creates a decentralized movie ecosystem by collaborating with KMPLAYER, a video player with more than 800 million downloads worldwide. The MovieBloc creators will get a transparent revenue share and the audience data, equal screening opportunity; viewers will have access to variety of movies, and can get rewards by providing curation, foreign subtitles, and marketing design to the ecosystem.


STREAUM is a gaming professional decentralized social network platform based on strong tie between streamers and their fans, and a new hope for game development and distribution businesses.
Users can contribute this ecosystem by viewing, playing and enjoying with their streamers in the platform. Furthermore, It is an ecosystem where the 3rd party developers can participate in platform through several functions such as game-production support and signature item store.


Uncloak is EOS powered cyber threat solution putting businesses one step ahead of hackers. They provides vulnerability scanning software, AI powered threat detection, and a decentralized cyber threat bounty program. They have partnered with IBM, Dell, and HP allowing Uncloak to reach and service a robust customer base and were chosen by Block One as a top 5 decentralized application.


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TGE advisory

For TGE advisory, please send us the following two items :

  1. Brief introduction of your team
  2. Project Teaser or White Paper

We will contact you after an internal review and your project is selected.